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Maffei. The taste and the elegance of made in Italy, on the table.

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In addition to the semolina core business, today Maffei offers on the market a wide choice of products born from careful research of the quality and development department, in order to satisfy an increasingly wider market segment.

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Il Pastaio di Maffei S.&C. s.r.l.

production volume 2021

26.2 million kg


Maffei and Tenerotti

nr. of employees


product category

Fresh semolina pasta, fresh egg pasta, fresh potato gnocchi, fresh stuffed pasta, baking fresh flaky pastry, ancient grains fresh pasta.

distribution channels italy

GDO, Normal trade, Ho.Re.Ca.


95% Italy, 5% Abroad

12 production lines

5 fresh semolina pasta
5 fresh egg pasta
1 fresh potato gnocchi
1 fresh stuffed pasta

2nd Brand in the market
of Fresh pasta
not stuffed

Source Iri December 2018

The safety and quality of our products
are also guaranteed by the certifications:

Maffei loghi certificazioni 2021

Il Pastaio obtained 2 Stars + in recognition of the Legality Rating.

With our cogeneration plant we are able to produce the electricity and steam necessary for the plant, saving 400 tons of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 11,000 trees and 270 fewer cars circulating on 10,000. Km.