Troccoli with sea urchins, garlic, oil and ginger

Serves: 4

Level: easy

Preparation: 15 min

400 g Maffei troccoli
25 sea urchins
10 g ginger
1 garlic clove


Clean the sea urchins with a spoon, extracting the pulp.
Lightly emulsify the urchins pulp with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and set aside.

Bring the water to a slightly salted boil and dip the troccoli in it.
Meanwhile, make a light chopped garlic and grate the ginger and let it go in a pan with plenty of extra virgin olive oil. 3/4 of the cooking time, drain the pasta and finish cooking it in the pan.

When cooked, stir everything out of the heat with the urchins pulp and a light sprinkling of parsley.
Serve and finish with freshly ground pepper.

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